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Vegan Body Butter
Vegan Body Butter
Vegan Body Butter
Vegan Body Butter
Vegan Body Butter

Vegan Body Butter

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Wrap your hands in moisture with our new Vegan Body Butter!  Designed for dry to extra-dry skin this luxurious body butter is powered with Nigel's Jamaican almond oil,the Jamaican super-moisturizer! Fast absorbing,this is the hydrating whip for your skin.

Use daily to instantly boost hydration 

  • ultra light no greasy feel
  • for dry to extra-dry skin
  • plant based
  • paraben-free
  • handcrafted


All natural Ingredients:Nigel's Jamaican almond oil,African shea butter,Organic Cocoa butter,Mango-Papaya Essential fragrance oil for mago,Lime essential oil for Lime flavor,Lavender essential oil for Lavender,Cocounut Essential oil fragrance for Coconut,plant based preservative,sunflower wax,

All materials organic and ethically sourced. 

Contains cold-pressed Jamaican Almonds,please note for allergies.

CONTAINS NO ALCOHOL! So it will not dry out our skin,you'll feel moisture all day


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