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6 Pack of our Juicy Vegan Bath Bombs
6 Pack of our Juicy Vegan Bath Bombs

6 Pack of our Juicy Vegan Bath Bombs

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There is no better time than now for a home spa day....let us take you the Caribbean without a passport as you sink into the luxury and moisture of our Vegan Bath Bomb fizzys,loaded with Nigel's Jamaican almond oil. 

Our lil box of Vegan Bath Bombs contains 6 flavors that kids of all ages love

Coconut*MangoMadness*Lemongrass*Pink Grapefruit*Love me Lavender*

Magic Musk-this one is for the grownups,has a romantic floral smell 

Made with all natural ingredients our bath bombs are even perfect for the little ones,especially those who have dry to extra-dry skin or even eczema.Simply drop into warm water,you'll see them fizz and spin and then you''ll smell the aroma of the tropics..FullJoy! 

Gentle enough to be used daily

  • no perfumes or dyes
  • plant based ingredients
  • moisturizing
  • natural aromatherapy 
  • Leaves skin silk smooth

Our bath bombs are individually hand made by Jessica,Nigel's wife. She was inspired by her grandson Keith when he wanted a bath bomb and she didn't like the ingredients she saw! We are proud to share our with you made for our family to you and your family. 

Ingredients:Bicarbonate of soda,citric acid,corn starch,Nigel's Jamaican almond oil,essential oil/fragrance oil,vegan color

Bath bombs come shrink wrapped to preserve shelf life. Keep in a dry place,as soon as they hit water they will start to fizz. 


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