Nigels Jamaican Almond oil
Nigels Jamaican Almond oil

Nigels Jamaican Almond oil

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Made from the Jamaican Almonds, also known as the Caribbean or Indian almonds. We hand crack, sun dry, spring water wash and cold-press the Jamaican almonds into one of the most luxurious oils you will ever feel!! Like putting silk on your skin Nigel's Jamaican almond oil is known as a carrier oil and can be used alone for your skin ,hair and nails. Loaded with Magnesium,Zinc,vitamins E,B and K. 

Our customers say it has helped with

  • Dark circles under the eyes (the vitamin K does this)
  • Acts as a natural sunscreen (the Zinc does this)
  • Eczema
  • Smoothing fine lines
  • Intimate moisturizer 
  • Body massage
  • Hair growth
  • Excellent skin lubricant,emollient

Nigel's Jamaican almond oil is made from locally grown heirloom Jamaican almonds and is made by Nigel himself!! Nothing is added and nothing is taken away! 

We are delighted to share Jamaica's treasure with the world.

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